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18 Year Old Foster - Chapter 1 (reposted)

This is a re-post to correct the paragraph breaks that failed to transfer the first time!

Preface: My intention was to write more of my first story and ideas for that are still rattling around in my head. However a new friend on XNXX inspired me to start this story. Thanks Crystal. I hope you and others enjoy it.

Chapter I

Crystal isn't the first foster we have opened our home to, but she is the first to stay after turning 18. Being in her final year of high school it seemed logical to let her stay until she finished. Yes I admit she is a good looking girl, but I can honestly say I never imagined anything would develop.

The event that changed everything came one night after my wife and I returned late from a friend's house. The house was dark, Crystal was assumed to be asleep in her room. As often happens, when I expressed interest in sex, the wife quickly turned me down citing a headache from the wine. She then took two PM headache pills and we were off to bed. I tossed and turned for a few minutes before deciding to go out to the garage. Once there, I sat at my work bench and turned on the TV. I was going to work on fixing something but the bouncing breasts of soft-core cable porn captured my attention.

Crystal had been up in her room but she was awake and also watching TV. She heard us come home but payed little attention to the typical noises down stairs, Before long, silence led Crystal to believe everyone else was in bed. Her show ended and she decided she was thirsty. Through the dark house she headed downstairs in her night shirt. The fridge in the kitchen offered nothing of interest so she quietly headed to the garage. The "drink" fridge always holds a better selection.

She slowly opened the garage door and was surprised to see the light on. Even more surprising was the garage TV tuned into soft-core porn. That's when she noticed me.

I was startled by the unexpected intrusion and jumped for the remote. Crystal noticed my hand slipping out of my boxers. "Oh, I thought everyone was asleep."

Crystal smiled and then looked down at the fabric tenting over my crotch. She looked back at the TV and asked me not to change the channel. There was an uncomfortable pause as she watched a couple having fake sex on the screen. "She is pretty" Crystal said referring to the actress broke the silence.I was still too stunned to react so I sat frozen waiting for an exit strategy to materialize.Crystal reached for a bottle of water still watching the TV and then casually said "real porn is so much better?" with a tone that let me know she wanted my opinion. I hesitated but I eventually nodded my agreement.

"Crystal, I'm sorry you had to find me out here . . . "She stopped me before I could finish "It's okay, I know your wife (she giggled) and I'd hide in the garage too." There was another pause before she looked at me and said "I always wondered if you came out here for this, I just never had the courage to come see." The scene on the TV changed as she moved toward me. "Can I watch?" I stuttered and eventually eked out a timid "sure."

That's when she decided to take control and step to my side. Her hand reached for my waistband and slowly pulled downward. "Stroke it" she insisted as she exposed my erect cock. I obeyed.

"Yea stroke it for me Daddy" she added in a sultry deep voice. My hand slid slowly up and down my hard shaft. "Is that how you like it?" she hissed. Her hand interjected and took over. "Ummmmm hummm!" I responded. Her eyes were locked on mine as she pleasured me.

Suddenly I realized the levity of the situation and tried to stop her saying "this is wrong." She was un-phased and leaned in to kiss my lips while continuing to rub me off. She then slowly whispered "I don't care!" "You need this and I want to pleasure you Daddy!" Her lips touched mine again followed by her tongue sliding into my mouth. I accepted her kiss and sucked to welcome her advances! She instructed me to keep watching the TV. I responded that I would rather look at her. She insisted that I watch the TV and describe what is going on to her.

Another silent pause as she rubbed on and my mind raced to comprehend the situation. Eventually I sputtered "the girl is riding the man." Crystal asked if his dick was in her pussy. I responded that I couldn't tell. Meanwhile, I was very aware that my penis was throbbing in her hand. I knew she fully understood the affect she was having on me. I told her that the woman on the TV was riding faster. Crystal's hand speed up but she instructed me to warn her before I came. I agreed.

She kissed at my neck and then whispered into my ear, "will you cum inside me" as she continued to stroke."Yes" I responded without hesitation "I would love to!" My mind was ignoring any sense of reason I had ever known. It was focused on seeding her young and beautiful body. Nothing else mattered.

As if she didn't already have me under her control, she told me "I have masturbated so many times imagining you injecting your hot sperm inside me!" I could only moan in my ecstasy with the images of her touching herself in my honor. She then added "and I always imagine your wife is in the next room, just like this" Her hand sped up again. "Please fill me up" she requested. "I want to make you cum so that you can fill me up" My moans let her know that I was on my way to fulfilling her request.

She changed and began to rub my cock with both hands going back and forth on either side of if it as if it were a stick and she was trying to start a fire. A fire of cum deep from inside me. "Oh yes!" I responded. "I'm almost there" She kissed me again, released my cock and slipped her panties down. "do it Daddy!" she begged, "Fill me!"

I stood as she turned and lifted her night shirt to expose the pale white of her luscious ass. My engorged dick drove instinctively to her moist cunt as she bent over. "Yes Daddy, fucking fill me up" she cried. I plunged myself inside her and grabbed her hips for control.

"Oh God " I grunted as I thrust repeatedly. "I am Baby, I'm going to!"

Her hands spread your creamy cheeks and as I looked down at her puckered ass, I felt my dick swell up to explode. I thrust one more time deeply inside her and held myself there. She gasped and told me to cum. It felt like the tip of my cock was coming off as I spewed my seed inside her. I released my grip on her hips and we pulled slightly apart. My next shot ejected just inside her lips. She slide back onto me and I fired another round deeply into her pulsing body. She slid off to my tip and waited for another spurt.

"Right there" she demanded and my dick obeyed releasing another hot load at the entrance to her lust hole. I held myself there and worked to push more creamy cum at her already dripping cunt. She reached between her legs and fondled my balls. More cum slid out and it began to run down her leg. Her finger slipped further back to my ass. She slipped inside and coaxed out another spurt.

She stood, faced me, and kissed my lips. She then asked me "Wanna know how my fantasies always end?" I kissed back and waited for her to share. She reached up to my ear and in a timid shy whisper said "You eat me clean!" I gently turned her around, leaned her against my car, and knelt behind her dripping pussy. With eager anticipation, she spread the cheeks of her ass again and lifted up onto her toes. "Clean me Daddy!"

The smell of our sexual juices filled my nostrils. Whatever part of me that might have resisted was instantly intoxicated away. I moved my face in and buried my nose against the ring of her ass. My tongue was quickly lapping at her creamy cunt. "Oh yesssss Daddy, clean my nasty cunt!"

Her voice saying such nasty things inspired me. I pushed my face deeper and slid my tongue up inside. I was rewarded with a mix of our cum. "Drink it Daddy!" she requested. I did. Her body pushed back and she lifted farther up. It provided better access and I took advantage. The hot liquid sucked out and down my throat. She moaned and I licked again for more lusty cream.

Crystal was determined to give me all of it so she pushed on her tummy with her hand. It worked and more sex spilled out. "Oh yes" she hissed. Oh yessss Daddy!" We parted as she turned around. I stood up and she kissed me. My hands reached for her as and I lifted her up onto the fender of my car. The metal was cold on her bottom and she squealed. I spread her legs and saw her clean shaven pussy for the first time. She was proud of it and smiled as looked up at her. "You like?"

I answered with my actions and moved in to continue licking her. There was more lusty sauce to be found around her lips and clit. I was happy to retrieve it all. Crystal spread her lips with her fingers and told me to suck her. I pressed my tongue back inside her, covered her entire cunt with my mouth, and sucked hard. "Ohhhh!" she hissed. "That's so good Daddy!"

I licked and sucked her until she came in my mouth. It was the sweetest juice I had ever experienced. We embraced in a long hug with a few kisses before deciding it was too dangerous to go on. We walked into the house together and I watched her sweet little naked ass walk up the stairs as it peeked out of her night shirt.

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